Foxit Studio Photo is your all-in-one photo editing solution

by Nancy Gao, Marketing Coordinator

Foxit Studio Photo is your all-in-one photo editing solution

Let’s face it. Adobe Photoshop is wonderful photo software BUT it’s a complex software, too. Ramping up time to learn this complicated program could be a lot more than you’ve bargained for, which is why we developed Foxit Studio Photo.

With a simple and clean interface, Foxit Studio Photo allows casual users to make photo edits without digging through a massive toolbox or spending countless hours on tutorials.

Foxit Studio Photo is a great photo editing software alternative if you just want the basics and fundamentals of photo editing—and you want it at a fraction of the cost. By keeping the essentials from Adobe Photoshop, Foxit Studio Photo lets you:

  • Edit easily with a clean workspace and simple to navigate interface.
  • Use automatic window sorting functions to stay organized.
  • Use the left side toolbar that has all the main photo editing tools.

Make Photo Adjustments Instantly

Looking for a quick start path for photo editing? You’ll find it in Foxit Studio Photo. It comes with an automatic photo editing adjustment feature that enables you to enhance your photos without manually adjusting them. You can:

  • Apply specialty filters over your photo edits.
  • Use automated exposure, color, and sharpening options.
  • Adjust color and contrast automatically with one click

Retouching Tools for Photo Editing

Aside from enhancing photos, Foxit Studio Photo comes with all the popular retouching tools for photo editing software. You can:

  • Crop and resize photos
  • Clone stamp, burn, dodge, and much more
  • Magic wand and magnetic lasso for selecting and cutting desired objects in photos
  • Tone curve

Create Graphic Images and Ads

Foxit Studio Photo also lets you create graphic images for digital banner ads and flyers. Easily create digital compositions for your marketing content and advertisements needs. You’re able to:

  • Add and Edit Text
  • Create Clipping Masks

All this, plus you get the popular feature of layers for editing so that you can easily keep track of your changes and prevent photo editing mistakes.

For more details, check out this page about Foxit Studio Photo.

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