Foxit Software Introduces Rapid Development Kit for Mobile PDF Apps

By Rowan Hanna, Vice President of SDK Products and Solutions


Developers can now quickly create compelling PDF apps for smartphones and tablets using Foxit MobilePDF™ SDK, a new Rapid Development Kit (RDK), built upon Foxit’s powerful PDF core technology and complemented by an elegant user interface.

The new RDK, includes a high-level PDF core API, a PDF view class and a UI extensions component, which allows developers to have a prototype up-and running in fewer than five minutes.

The UI extensions component is completely customizable, which means that developers have the choice of using the default look and feel or styling it to meet their exact requirements.

iOS and Android developers can add PDF viewing, annotation and PDF processing features to their mobile apps that allow businesses and customers to seamlessly work with pdf documents.

The PDF core API can be used with or independently of the UI elements to integrate efficient document rendering, analysis, text extraction, text search, annotation creation, manipulation and much more. Foxit’s technology has already proven itself to be exceptional at font and layout accuracy as well as dynamic search capability.

End-users will enjoy the benefits of fast and high quality PDF rendering, zooming, scrolling, page view modes and page navigation.

You can read more about Foxit MobilePDF SDK here, as well as download a free trial version.




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