Cybersecurity Advisory Notice

Foxit© Reader is a fast, secure and inexpensive way to view PDF files. Over 400 million people have already made the switch to foxit reader. If you are not already using Foxit to manage all your pdfs, we encourage you to upgrade today. The latest version of Foxit Reader is available on our website:

At the core of Foxit Reader is a secure processing engine that is also powering platforms such as Google Chrome, Google Gmail and Amazon Kindle. Billions of people exchange sensitive over these platforms and do so confidently.

Even in the face of continual threats from hackers and other criminals, Foxit Reader is secure enough to withstand any cybersecurity attack. It is important, therefore, that you use authentic Foxit Software.

Some of our customers find it more convenient to Download Foxit Reader from one of our partner sites. No matter where you are downloading our software from, be sure to confirm that Foxit Software Incorporated is identified as the verified publisher when the User Account Control popup window appears (see figure 1 below). The Foxit logo should also be included in the window.

Cybersecurity Advisory Notice

Figure 1: User Account Control popup window confirming authenticity of Foxit Reader software download

If you have previously downloaded Foxit Reader and are unsure about the authenticity of your reader, follow these steps:

  1. Double click on the install directory and locate the FoxitReader.exe file
  2. Right click on the .exe file and select Properties
  3. In the FoxitReader Properties Window, choose the Digital Signatures tab and check that the file is signed by Foxit Software Incorporated (see figure 2 below).

Cybersecurity Advisory Notice

Figure 2: Digital Signature Details popup window confirming authenticity of Foxit Reader software installation

Don’t risk of exposing yourself to security risks—use only genuine Foxit Software.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

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