Create and customize a PDF portfolio

by Eric Mcguire, Integrated Sales and Support


PDF Portfolios aren’t just for pdfs. You can store various files (e.g. Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, notepad) and integrate them into a single master PDF file. Individual files retain their identity and can be opened independently of other files in the portfolio.

Merging various file sources into a PDF portfolio offers several advantages:

  • Effortlessly add or remove files. No need to locate and select pages that came from those files
  • Preview files without opening them in their native application
  • Edit individual files without affecting other files. Changing a page number, for instance, will not affect the page number in other documents. All non-PDF files in a PDF Portfolio can be edited in their native application without taking it out of the portfolio.
  • Publish a PDF Portfolio and share it with others
  • Click a column name to add, delete, hide, or customize component files
  • Print all or selected component PDFs
  • Search all or a single file, including non-PDF files
  • Transfer non-pdf documents to the portfolio without converting them to PDF
  • Edit component files without altering the originals. Access your PDF Portfolio on your network without disconnecting or losing its components.

Create a PDF portfolio with Foxit PhantomPDF

Use Foxit PhantomPDF to create a new PDF portfolio from scratch. Customize the portfolio by adding or deleting files, or organizing documents into folders.

Creating a new PDF Portfolio just takes a few clicks:

Click convert -> create -> PDF Portfolio -> create a blank PDF Portfolio

Alternatively, you can:

Click file -> create -> PDF Portfolio -> create a blank PDF Portfolio

To create a new portfolio from a file:

Click convert -> create -> PDF Portfolio -> create a new PDF Portfolio

Attach files to the portfolio by selecting the files and clicking Open. You can also add files via copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop.

Customizing a PDF Portfolio

Use PhantomPDF to navigate your portfolio and perform any of the following:

  • Delete files by clicking the delete icon in the document’s upper right corner or right-click and hit delete.
  • Extracting a file? Click the save-icon icon in the upper right or right click to locate the icon. Enter the file name to remove the file.
  • Edit portfolio description by clicking file -> properties -> description.

As you can see, PDF Portfolios come in handy for organizing documents of any kind, not just PDF files. Try them for yourself.

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