Add headers and footers to PDFs

by Scott Nguyen, Integrated Sales and Support


When you’re authoring a document, it’s pretty common to add headers and footers to personalize it and help readers keep track of where they are. So let’s take a look at how easy it is to do this with Foxit PhantomPDF.

First, click the organize tab, then Header and Footer, as you’ll see circled below.


Doing so will give you this pop-up screen:


As you can see, you’ve got lots of options. You can place a header or footer on the left, center or right. You can insert page numbers and/or the date. You can even add prefix text that goes before the page number or date. So just fill in the fields with the information you want to include and you’ll have added a header and footer into your document.

Now let’s say you have a cover page and, of course, you don’t want your header or footer to be placed on it—especially if it’s the page number, which PhantomPDF considers part of a header or footer.

On the lower right of the screen, you’ll see “Page Range Options…” which we’ve circled in red below.


This is where you specify which pages you want the header and footer to appear on.

To ensure that your header and footer start on page two—you guessed it—you’d select the page range starting at page two and continuing on until the end of your document.


Then hit OK and voila! A quick and easy way to insert headers, footers and page numbers.

Want to remove the header and/or footer? Just choose ORGANIZE > Page Marks > Header & Footer > Remove. Then click “Yes” in the pop-up message box and they’ll be gone.

Creating and applying your own personalized headers and footers has never been easier than it is with PhantomPDF. And you get the professional-looking document you want, just like that.

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