Add and create text with Foxit Studio Photo Editing Software

by Laura Silva, Marketing Program Manager

Add and create text with Foxit Studio Photo Editing Software

Adding text over your images is very useful for creating flyers and banner ads, and for creating marketing content in general. With a simple and clean interface, Foxit Studio Photo allows you to make photo edits without digging through a massive toolbox or spending countless hours on tutorials. Now, here’s how to add text over an image and how to use a clipping mask to overlay that text onto your photo first using Foxit Studio Photo.

Start by choosing an image you’d like to add the text overlay on by clicking File > Open.


Duplicate your image on the layer section at the bottom so that you can make edits on the background copy instead of the original background image. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your original content.

Next, choose the text tool, represented by the T on the left tool panel and then type out the message you want on your image.


If you want to make any adjustments to your font, click Window Options, and then the text window will open. You can select the different fonts you’d like and adjust your text size.

Now, click the transformation tool on the left to click and drag and move your text freely around the photo. And select the Transform controls box if you’d like to make any quick adjustments to your text.


Now, select a second image to be your clipping mask. We recommend getting an image that has a similar pattern or color tone as the first image.


To cover your text with your second image, click Control A, and then Ctrl X to select the image and cut it, then press Ctrl-V to paste the image onto your current workspace. Now you have a new layer with your image. It’s a good idea to rename the image so you can remember what’s on each layer.

Next, use the transformation tool to select the image and click and drag so that it covers the text fully.


Then on the Layers window, click the second layer and then select Create Clipping Mask and there you have your text overlay onto your image.


You can also use the transform tool to select the second layer and drag the image around until it’s the way you want your text to be.

Then go to File Save As and save your final image. And if you open your image, this is what the final version is, and it’s ready to be posted on social media or put into print.


For more details about Foxit Studio Photo, check out this page.

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