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  1. What is Foxit Reader?
    Foxit Reader is a small PDF reader for you to view, search and print PDFs. With this software, you are able to measure distances, insert images, add links, create annotations on PDFs, highlight PDF text, email PDFs, etc. For more information about Foxit Reader visit here:
  2. Is Foxit Reader free?
    Yes. Foxit Reader is free software. Moreover, since version 4.0, advanced features have been included in this free Reader. You can now freely use those pro features without additional licensing.
  3. Do I have to buy upgrade key if I want to update my old Reader to the newest version?
    You are free to upgrade the program whenever you want. The latest version of Foxit Reader does not require a key.
  4. How to add Foxit Reader button?
    Step 1:
    Please get the Foxit Reader button from and upload it to your website server.
    Step 2:
    Add the below code to your website's homepage:
    <a href="">
    <img border="0" src="icon_getreader.gif" width="88" height="31"></a>
    Note: The src above is the path where you input to save the icon getreader.gif picture.
  5. What’s the Updater?
    The Updater contains three headings for the actual updates: Basic Module, Service Module, and Reader Update. The updates will be listed below these headings when they are released, depending on their type.
  6. Where can I download the MSI Installer Package?
    If you are with an enterprise and need a version to distribute at your organization, please fill out the form from the link below and we will get in contact with you soon.
  7. Where can I find the latest Program version/build?
    You can find the latest version via the following ways:
    From the Web page
    You can always find the latest version/build from the download page at
    Update Manager from within the program
    Open Foxit Reader, go to HELP>Check for Updates…If there is a newer version, it will be listed in the Updater.
    Subscribing Newsletters
    You can subscribe for newsletters of the product you are interested in at:, The Newsletter will keep you informed of news and new software at Foxit.
  8. Where can I view the command line usages?
    • Open Foxit Reader, go to HELP>Command line Help.
    • In the start Run line, input “C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Reader.exe" help
  9. Where is the preferences.ini file for version 6.0?
    The INIfile has been removed since version 3.1(included). Most of the preferences settings are stored in HKCU. For administrators, if you want to custom preferences for users, the workaround way is to custom the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\MainFrame, and then import it into your users’ machines.
  10. Where is the Crashlog.txt file?
    When a crash occurs, a Crashlog.txt file is created in the folder where the Foxit Reader executable program is located, for example: C:\Program Files\foxit software\Foxit Reader.
    Note: The crashlog.txt file could be generated and saved in the above folder only when you are in administrator mode.
  11. Do I need to uninstall the old version before executing a new installation?
    Yes. When you install a new version of Foxit Reader, a dialog box will pop up showing the message: IF you continue to update, your old version will be uninstalled. Please click” Yes” to continue.
  12. How to Uninstall Foxit Reader?
    To uninstall Reader, you can do one of the following ways:
    Using the Uninstall.exe program
    • Navigate to Foxit Reader installation folder, by default it’s somewhere like C:\Program Files\foxit software\Foxit Reader.
    • There you shall see Uninstal.exe program, double click on it to uninstall it.
    Using the Add/Remove Programs from Windows
    • Open Control Panel, find Add/Remove Programs.
    • Find Foxit Reader, click Remove to uninstall it.
  13. How to set Foxit Reader as my default PDF reader?
    You can set Reader as default from within the program:
    • When you open Foxit Reader for the first time, you will be asked whether to set Foxit Reader as your default PDF viewer. Click Yes.
    • Open Foxit Reader, go to the HELP menu, and select Set to Default PDF Reader.
    • Open Foxit Reader, go to FILE > Preferences > File Associations. Check the desired default setting option under Make Foxit Reader the default PDF Viewer and click OK.
    You can also set Reader as default from within your system:
    • For Windows XP. Open My computer>select the Tools menu>Folder Options>File Types> find out PDF>click the Change button and choose Foxit Reader.
    • For Vista and Windows 7. Go to Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Default Programs, set the default program there.
  14. How to un-associate Foxit Reader with PDF?
    Set from other PDF Viewer:
    Every PDF viewer provides an option to set it as default PDF reader. Therefore to un-associate PDF file types with Foxit Reader, simply open the viewer you desire and set the option there. This will change the PDF default registry entries.

    Note:  Foxit Reader allows users to restore the previous associated PDF application. To do this, please open Foxit Reader > go to FILE>Preferences>File Associations >check Restore File Associations> OK.
  15. How to show the cover page during facing, i.e. the odd pages on the left, even pages on the right?
    Please go to VIEW menu > Page Display, and select the viewing options as you need.
  16. How do I configure Smooth Text options?
    Smooth Text makes your screen look more like the printed page. Using a technique called anti-aliasing, Smooth Text blurs the jagged edges of bitmap fonts with shades of gray, effectively doubling the screen resolution.

    By default, Foxit Reader will detect the kind of monitor that is being utilized and will choose the best option for text smoothing. To change the Smooth Text option, please follow these steps:
    • Click FILE > Preferences.
    • Choose Page Display category
    • Choose the desired option from the drop down menu of the Smooth Text, including Monitor and Laptop/LCD Screens.
  17. Why can't Reader remember the Page Layout Settings in Preferences? I have 'Facing' as my default layout, but every document opens in 'Single' mode.
    Please understand the following things:
    • If the document has its own page layout setting, a ‘single’ mode for example, this file will always is open in Single mode. The page layout setting is set up by the initial author of this document. To view this, you can use Foxit Phantom. Open the file with Phantom. Go to File > Properties > Initial View where you can see the layout settings for this document.
    • In PDF standard, PDF Reader will always adhere to the document initial settings. So when Reader opens a document, it will always check the document initial settings first, if there are any, the documents settings will apply, if none, Reader preferences settings will take effect. You can change the layout setting at the current view by going to VIEW > Page Display > Facing for example.
  18. Why does the file open in reverse page order?
    The Reverse option would have been activated. To disable this feature, please go to VIEW menu > click Reverse View.
  19. How do I view the security settings in a document?
    To view security settings in a document, follow these steps:
    • Open Foxit Reader.
    • Go to FILE > Properties > Security and check the security settings of the document.
  20. What is Read Mode and how can I switch to this mode?
    In Read Mode, the PDF will be displayed in a way that hides much of the interface, including the navigation pane, toolbar, and status bar, to maximize the document display area. To switch to the the Read Mode, please go to VIEW menu > click Read Mode.You can press the shortcut key "Ctrl + H" on the keyboard.
    In Read Mode, you can press Ctrl+Tab to switch between different documents. Hit Esc to exist the Read Mode.
  21. Why can't I find any settings in the Voice option of Speech category in the Preferences dialog box?
    Please install the Voice Engine SpeechSDK51.exe first.
  22. Why can't Foxit Reader read Chinese?
    First, please install the Voice Engine SpeechSDK51.exe. Then install the Chinese language patch SpeechSDK51LangPack.
  23. Can Read Out Loud support other languages?
    Yes. Please install the appropriate Voice Engine according to the language you require. The Voice Engine should support SAPI5 which defines an XML markup for specifying grammar, as well as mechanisms to create them dynamically in code, for example, AT&T Natural Voices, Cepstral Voices or NeoSpeech Voices.

    The followings are the high quality Business Voice Engine:
  24. How to change the document number in the recently used list?
    You can configure Recent File in Preferences. The number value is ≥1 and ≤10, but since version 3.2, the minimal number can be 0. The following shows how to get going:
    • Open Foxit Reader
    • Select the FILE > Preferences > History
    • Specify a value for the maximum number of documents in recently used list
  25. How to print the document with the annotations?
    • Open the print dialog box;
    • Point to Print What at the bottom of the dialog box;
    • Select Print Document and Annotations.
  26. How to edit saved Typewriter Text?
    • Open Foxit Reader;
    • Choose HOME> Tools> Hand Tool or Select Annotation Tool;
    • Double click on the typewriter text to bring up the pop-up note box in which you can edit the text.
  27. How to change markup color of a comment?
    • Select a commenting tool you desire, highlighting tool for example.
    • Click the fill color icon under HIGHLIGHT TOOL tab, select a color.

    Note: The selected color will be used as default until it is changed.
    Tip: If the HIGHLIGHT TOOL tab doesn't show up in the Ribbon, check it by right clicking on the toolbar.

  28. How to change the color for all the existing comments?
    • Hold down CTRL key;
    • Click to select the comments;
    • Right click and select Properties;
    • In the Appearance tab, change and select a color you want.
  29. How to customize the background color?
    To change the default background color, please go to menu bar of Foxit Reader, and then choose FILE>Preferences>Accessibility>select the Replace Document Colors>check in Custom Color, and then click the color button next to Page Background to open a palette and select the color.
  30. How to check if the content is text or not?
    To check if the content is text or not, do one of the following:
    • Use the Select Text tool which can be accessed by the shortcut key Alt+6 or under the HOME menu. Text will be selected by the Select Text tool.
    • Use the Text Viewer which can be accessed by the shortcut key Alt+9 or under the Tools menu (before V3.1) or View menu (after v 3.2). Text contents will be shown in the Text Viewer window.
  31. How to view the security settings in a document?
    Reader supports to view Security settings in a document. The following shows how to:
    • Open Foxit Reader.
    • Go to FILE>Properties>Security, where you can view the security settings placed on the document.
  32. Where can I get the separate critical Add-ons for Foxit Reader?
    Here you can go:, you will find a list of critical add-ons are listed there available for downloading.
  33. How to manually extract a "fzip file"?
    All the critical add-ons for Foxit Reader are compressed in "fzip", they can be extracted and installed by the Install Update under HELP menu. See Manually Install for how to do.
  34. How to install the add-ons for Foxit Reader?
    To install the add-ons, use one of the following ways:
    Manually Install
    • Go to
    • Select the desired add-on(fzip), and download it to your desktop.
    • Open Foxit Reader.
    • Go to HELP menu, select Install Updates.
    • Open the above .fzip file to install it.
    Tip: The .fzip file will be auto deleted after installation.
    Auto Install
    • Open Foxit Reader.
    • Go to HELP Menu.
    • Click Check for Updates….
    • In the Available Updates box, select the desire add-on
    • Click on Add button to move it to the Selected Updates box.
    • Click Next to install it.
  35. How to disable the Critical Add-ons prompt when I open a file, like Eastern Asian Language, JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder?
    The Critical add-ons cannot be disabled. They are required to display the documents correctly. If the add-ons are unavailable, most possibly your documents would display as blank or incompletely.
  36. Some PDFs that contain Eastern Asian Language cannot be displayed correctly. Why?

    Please click here to download the add-on Asian Language Support (Applicable for Foxit Reader 5.X and 6.0) or download this link from the prompt message box and install. Then try to run the PDF again.

    Note: You can click here to know How to install the add-ons for Foxit Reader.
  37. How to uninstall the Spell Checker
    • Navigate to Foxit Reader installation folder, somewhere like: C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\
    • Find the folder called lex, delete it.
  38. How do I disable the Spell Checker?
    To disable the Spell Checker, please do the following steps:
    1. Open Foxit Reader.
    2. Choose FILE > Preferences > Spelling.
    3. Uncheck the option Enable Spell Check.
  39. How to specify a network printer with /t command line option?
    To print to a network with /t command line utility, it’s required to specify the full path for the printer. For instance:
    "c:\foxit reader.exe" /t "c:\user\11.pdf" \\\hp color laserjet 3800 ps
  40. How to open multiple PDFs from the command line and what’s the syntax?
    Supposing Foxit Reade is installed by default in the C:\ driver, and you are going to open two PDF files under E:\ driver, here you can execute:
    "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Reader.exe" "E:\xx.pdf" "E:\ xxx.pdf"
  41. How to change the units in the Print dialog box?
    Since version 3.2 (included), Reader has the ability to change the measurement units. It can be done in the Preferences>Documents>Measurement Units section.
  42. How to get rid of the Exit button in full screen mode?
    Please open Foxit Reader, go to the FILE menu>Preferences>click the Full Screen tab>uncheck the Show Exit Button check box.
  43. How to switch between PDF tabs in the full screen mode?
    This feature has been supported since version 3.1 (included)
    • Press Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs from the right towards
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch between tabs from the left towards
  44. How to scroll pages continuously in full screen?
    You can change it via Preferences. Open Preferences. Short cut key CTRL+K. Select Full Screen tab>uncheck One Page at a time under Full Screen Navigation, click ok to save and exit.
  45. How do I Launch Reader in Full Screen Mode on Startup?
    1. Open Foxit Reader;
    2. Go to FILE > Preferences > Documents.
      Choose Full Screen Mode option from the drop down menu of the item “In Reader, please choose the mode for displaying PDF file”.
  46. How can I turn off the Start Page permanently?
    1. Open Foxit Reader;
    2. Go to FILE > Preferences > General;
    3. Uncheck the option “Show Start Page”.
  47. How can I switch off the Advertisements?
    1. Open Foxit Reader;
    2. Choose FILE >Preferences > General.
    3. Uncheck Show Advertisement.
  48. How can I edit a PDF file with Foxit Reader?
    Foxit Reader is designed for viewing, printing and annotating PDF files. To edit a PDF file, you can download Foxit PhantomPDF Standard/Business, which allows you to produce great looking PDF document and forms quickly, affordably, and securely. Foxit PhantomPDF is the perfect solution for home/home offices, small and medium sized businesses, and large enterprises. For more information about Foxit PhantomPDF, please visit for Standard version and for Business version
  49. How to convert PDF files to text files?
    1. Open Foxit Reader
    2. Go to the FILE menu> select Save As
    3. Drop down File Type box, select .txt > designate a folder to store it> click Save.
  50. How can I convert scanned PDF files to text files?
    Foxit Reader cannot convert a scanned PDF files to a text file.

    To convert scanned PDF files to text, please download Foxit PhantomPDF Standard/Business which supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition). For more information about Foxit PhantomPDF, please visit for Standard version and for Business version.

    If you have a scanner with an integrated OCR feature, you can scan the document with the OCR feature and make the text available for recognition.
  51. How to create Foxit Reader shortcuts on the desktop and Start Menu?
    Please download the installer version of Foxit Reader from our website, which will create shortcuts automatically on your desktop and Start Menu.
  52. How can I install the language interface packs?
    1. Please navigate to the installation folder of Reader and go to one of the following folders, depending on the Operation System you have:
      • C:Program Files/Foxit Software/Foxit Reader/ (For Windows XP)
      • C:Program Files(x86)/Foxit Software/Foxit Reader/ (For Windows 7)
      • C:Program Files(x86)/Foxit Software/Foxit Reader/ (For Windows Vista)
    2. In the above selected folder, create a New Folder and name it as "lang" (without the quotation marks).
    3. Please go to, download the language you desire, and save the .xml file in the folder “lang”.
    4. Open Foxit Reader and go to FILE > Preferences > Languages. Check the option "Choose Custom Language", and choose the language you want. Click OK.
  53. How to change the option for safe reading mode?
    Safe Reading mode was added in Foxit Reader version 3.3.1, and is listed under the Preferences/Trust Manager. If the Safe Reading mode was enabled during the installation, to disable do the following:
    • Open Foxit Reader.
    • Go to FILE menu, select Preferences. Shortcut key is Ctrl+F.
    • Select Trust Manager, change the option safe reading mode.
  54. How to disable ASK button in the Find toolbar?
    Please go FILE>Preferences>Internet Search, check the option Hide Search Button.
  55. How to open the PDF Portfolios?
    PDF Portfolio package is Adobe file compress format. To open those files, please do the followings:
    • Open Foxit Reader
    • Click on the Clip button on the Navigation Panel in the lower left corner of the Reader window; if the Navigation Panel is hidden, go to VIEW menu > Navigation Panels > click on Attachment to show it.
    • You will see all the Portfolios are listed in the Attachment panel, double click the file to open it.
  56. Why the Editing toolbar is active with version2.3 but disabled in the greater version when I open a file?

    Most probably, this file is secured. To check if it’s secured or not, open the file with Foxit Reader above version 3.3, go to FILE>Properties>Secure where you can view the security info. Earlier reader version like Reader 2.3 doesn’t make a judgment on the security handler placed on the document. It allows all documents to be editable. However the following versions afterwards become more PDF standardized, it will detect the security and disable the toolbar accordingly.

  57. Why can’t I highlight text with the Highlight Tool?

    Please make sure the following two cases:

    • See if the file has permission security allowing no comment on it. See here for how to check the Security in a file.
    • See if it’s an image or scanned file. The highlight tool is available for text exclusively. It will highlight nothing if it is an image. See here for how to check out if the content is text or not.

    Tip: To highlight an image object, you can use the Drawing Markup tool, e.g. Rectangle tool to highlight it.

  58. Why I can't copy text in the page?

    Please make sure the following two cases:

    • See if the file has permission security allowing no copy on it. The copy option will be disabled if it’s secured. See here for how to check the Security in a file.
    • See if it’s an image or scanned file. The Select Text tool will select nothing to copy if there contains not text in the page. See here for how to check out if the content is text or not.

    Tip: If there are only images in a file, you can copy them with the Snapshot tool.

  59. Why the Current View is grey when I zoom /adjust a PDF and try to print it?

    The current view is only available in the Singe Page viewing mode. To active the Current View option, please change the layout mode to Singe Page by one of the following ways:

    • Go to VIEW menu > Page Display > Single Page
    • On the Status bar, click on the Signe Page button.
  60. Why I see nothing but only the three update headings in the Updater List?

    Please double clicking on the headings, if nothing expanded, it may have the following possible causes:

    • There is no update available for the time being.
    • You have probably installed all the add-ons and updates. If so, try the following solution:

    Conduct an uninstalling and reinstalling.

    If you don’t like reinstallation, try the following way:

    • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Updates List, clear all the sub-entries.
    • Restart Foxit Reader and check the updates again.
  61. Why I am unable to rotate typewriter tool to right view after the page is rotated?

    This issue only occurs in Foxit Reader version 2.3. If the page is rotated, the typewriters will be rotated too. User cannot to rotate it to the right view. Upgrading to most recent version of Foxit Reader will fix the problem.

  62. Why I am unable to input latvian language with typewriter tools?

    When you are going to write for example ��,š,�� like this, it will be showing as mark ''?''. This is caused by the Unicode support. Upgrading to most recent version of Foxit Reader will fix the problem.

  63. Why I am unable to keep the toolbar top in a line?

    After you minimize the window and bring the foxit window up again, the toolbar on the top always rearranges vertically on the left side, requiring a Alt+F8 every time to make it line up at the top again. This issue has been fixed. Upgrading to most recent version of Foxit Reader will fix the problem.

  64. Why it is simply printed as blank pages, when I am going to print a PDF ?

    This might be caused by the Print What which is unintentionally selected as Annotation. Try the following procedures to work around it:

    • Open Foxit Reader
    • Click on the Print button. Shortcut key is Ctrl+P
    • In the pop-up Print dialog box, look into Print What, select Document and Annotations.
  65. Why do I get only page numbers like "-----Page 1 -----" when I convert a PDF file to text?
    To convert a PDF file to text, please make sure that the PDF file contains textual objects. You only got the page numbers because this file may only contain images and graphics. See How to Check out if the Content is Text or not .
  66. Can I change toolbar mode?
    Foxit Reader has two toolbar modes. One is classic mode and the other is tabbed mode. You can choose your toolbar mode by any of these methods below:
    1. Set toolbar mode in Welcome Wizard
    2. Go to FILE> UI Options > click Change Toolbar Mode> choose Toolbar Mode, click OK and exit
    Please be aware that the newly chosen toolbar mode would take effect after restarting Reader.

For Web Browser Plugin:

  1. How can I open PDF files in a Web Browser?

    To open online PDF files with the Foxit Reader plug-in, do the steps below:

    1. Set Foxit Reader as the default PDF Viewer. See “How to set Foxit Reader as my default PDF reader?
    2. Choose FILE > Preferences > File Associations, and check the option “Display PDF in Browser”;
    3. Restart the Web Browser.
  2. How can I configure Reader to display PDF files in Read Mode in Web Browser?
    1. Open Foxit Reader,
    2. Choose FILE > Preferences> Documents
    3. Check the option “In Web Browser, Display PDF in Read Mode by default”.
  3. How can I configure Reader to open PDF files within Firefox?
    To open PDF files in Firefox, please check the following things: Note: If you have a problem displaying PDF files, go to ‘Tools > Add-ons > Plugins’ in Firefox and check if the ‘Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla’ has been enabled. If it has been enabled, try to disable and re-enable it, and then restart Firefox.
  4. How do I disable the Foxit Reader Plug-in for Mozilla?
    To disable the plug-in, do the following:
    Go to ‘Tools > Add-ons > Plugins’ in Firefox, find the ‘Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla’ item and disable it.
  5. How can I set Foxit Reader as default viewer in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome?
    To set Foxit Reader as default viewer in browser, please follow the steps below:
    I. Foxit Reader Configuration
    • Install Foxit Reader, check and ensure that “FoxitReaderBrowserAx.dll”(IE-based) and “npFoxitReaderPlugin.dl”(Firefox-based) are stored in the installation folder of Foxit Reader.
    • Open Foxit Reader, go to File > Preferences > File Associations. Check “Include browser when setting default PDF viewer” option in Advanced item and click Make Default PDF Viewer.
    • Reopen Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to activate your settings.

    If you still fail to view PDFs with Foxit Reader in your browser, please follow the steps below to configure Mozilla Firefox or Goolge Chrome.

    II. Browser Configuration
    1. Mozilla Firefox Configuration

    1) Open Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons > Plugins. Find “Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla” and select Enable to active it.
    2) Disable other PDF plugins (such as Adobe Acrobat and Zeon) by selecting Disable beside the relevant plugin.


    1. Continuously disabling multiple plugins may not be supported in some versions of Mozilla Firefox. In this case, you will have to disable the plugins one by one.
    2. For Mozilla Firefox 19.0 and later, PDF plugin is incorporated in the application so that PDF files can be displayed by the embedded PDF plugin. Under such circumstance, you will need to deactivate the embedded PDF plugin as well. Steps are as follows:

    • Open Mozilla Firefox
    • Go to Tools > Options > Application, and choose “Use Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla(in Firefox)” for Portable Document Format (PDF).

    2. Google Chrome Configuration

    Similar to Mozilla Firefox, you need to disable PDF plugins other than Foxit Reader PDF Plugin if you want to set Foxit Reader as default viewer in Google Chrome. Steps are as follows:

    • In Google Chrome, type “chrome://plugins” in the address bar to open the Plug-ins window of Google Chrome.
    • Disable other PDF plugins (such as Adobe Reader and Nitro PDF Plugin for Firefox and Chrome), and then you can view PDFs by Foxit Reader in Google Chrome.

Does one of the Prompts/Error Messages happen on you?

  1. Prompt Message: Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?

    Possible Cause:
    This would happen in Vista or Windows 7 with User Access Control on.

    • Please navigate to Foxit Reader installation folder, somewhere like "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader", select Properties by right clicking on the FoxitReader.exe file;
    • In the popup window, select Compatibility tab, uncheck Run this program as an administrator under the Privilege Level; if it's greyed, click the button Change settings for all users, uncheck Run this program as an administrator under Privilege Level, and then click Ok, Ok to exit the window.
    • Finally try again. The prompt shall not launch when Foxit Reader starts.
  2. Error Message: Failed to download

    When you are going to download a language, you may get this prompt message.
    If it isn't the network problem, it must be that the language you need has not been translated yet. We would really appreciate it if you can help us translate it into your language. For the information on how to help localize Foxit Reader, please visit for details.

  3. Prompt Message: Foxitreader OCX.ocx failed to load

    When, the following message may pop up: Foxitreader OCX.ocx failed to load
    Possible Cause
    This happens when you open a PDF file in Firefox if the “FoxitReaderOCX.ocx” file failed to register.
    To solve the problem, run with Admin account, and do one of the following steps

    • Navigate to Foxit Reader install directory (like “C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader”), right click on Foxit Reader and select Run as Admin.
    • Click Start, select Run, in the Open line, input <regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\plugins\FoxitReaderOCX.ocx">. You shall get a success message if succeeded.

    Note: the ocx file path depends on where you install Foxit Reader.

  4. Prompt Message: Access is denied.

    Possible Cause
    This happens when you were going to update the add-ons with the User Access Control (UAC) is on
    Tweak I

    • Navigate to Foxit Reader install directory;
    • Right click on Foxit Reader.exe;
    • Select Run as Administrator.
    • Finally, try to update the add-on again.

    If the above method doesn’t help, try the following:

    Tweak II

    • Navigate to Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control on or off
    • Select to turn off the User Access Control.
    Note: This will require you to restart your computer. After upgrading, you can turn on the UAC again.
  5. How can I access to the security bulletins of Foxit Reader?

    We acknowledge that software defects and security holes are inevitable and Foxit treats the mission-critical defects and security issues very seriously. Foxit has published all the historic security issues on its website and keeps tracking on the potential security issues on daily basis. Click here to learn more.

  6. Where can I learn more about the issue fixes of Foxit Reader?

    Click here to get the information about the bugs that are fixed in Foxit Reader. The list will be updated when a new version is released. Click here to learn more.

  7. Where can I check the version History of Foxit Reader?

    Please click here to get more information about recent updates to Foxit Reader.

  8. Does Foxit Reader meet Section 508 compliance standards? Where can I get the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for Foxit Reader?

    Yes. Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), developed by the Information Technology Industry Council, is standardized form that assists Federal contracting officials in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of a given product and service with features that support accessibility. Click here to check the VPAT for Foxit Reader.

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Foxit Enterprise Reader

  1. How to integrate the license key file when installing Foxit Enterprise Reader from command line or GPO deployment?
    We can use .mst file to load the license key file when installing Enterprise Reader silently or deploying it with GPO. Please follow the steps below:
    1. Download the .zip file from
      Extract the files into any directory. Note: it is suggested not to extract in the system folder to avoid issues caused by permissions.
    2. Save the license key file and installer in the same folder.
    3. Drag the installer into gen.bat from the .zip file you extracted. It will generate a .mst file with the same name as the installer's in the folder.
    How to use the MST file:
    1. Normal Installation
      Add an additional parameter TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst" when installing from command line.
      e.g. msiexec /i "xxx.msi" TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst"
    2. GPO Deployment
      Add an additional parameter TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst" when extracting the data from .msi package with "/a".
      e.g. msiexec /a "xxx.msi" TRANSFORMS="xxx.mst"
      You can find the license key file in the directory after extracting. Select the "Advanced" option when choosing the deployment method (please do not choose "Published" or "Assigned"). And then select your .mst file from the "Modification" tab.
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Foxit PDF Editor

1. Why can’t Foxit PDF Editor display some letters correctly?
There are two possible reasons listed below:
1) The fonts you want to use are not embedded in the file. Foxit PDF Editor cannot find any suitable substitutes to make them display correctly.
2) The PDF file contains Asian characters. Please refer to Q2 for details.

2. Why does Foxit PDF Editor ask for CJK.bin?

This is because your PDF file contains Asian characters. You will need to click here to download the CJK.bin and save it in your Editor directory in order to display those CJK characters correctly.

3. Why can’t I input text in some languages?
Foxit PDF Editor supports ANSI, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and Symbol Character Set. For example, some Russian fonts cannot be edited with Foxit PDF Editor because they use the Russian Character Set.

Foxit PDF Editor will support more languages in the future.

4. Why can’t I edit some certain letters?
It is probably caused by one of the following:
1) The Character Set specified in embedded fonts is incomplete. (In this case, you can click on “Add Text Objects” button, insert these letters, and change the font with Standard Windows Fonts.)
2) Some Character Sets are disordered. (In this case, you can click on “Add Text Objects” button, insert these letters, and change the font with Standard Windows Fonts.)
3) The Character Set specified in these letters is not supported by Foxit PDF Editor. (Please refer to Q3)

5. How to import TrueType fonts?
Open Foxit PDF Editor, click the “Import Font” button on the toolbar or choose the “Edit” menu > Import Font, then select the font you wish to import.

6. How come there is a "~$***.pdf" file created in the original file's directory?
"~$***.pdf" suggests that it is a temporary file created by Foxit PDF Editor. This file will disappear automatically when you close the file you are editing.

7. Does Foxit PDF Editor support Chinese characters?
Yes. To insert or edit Chinese characters, you will have to import Chinese fonts first. Please click the “Import Font” button on the toolbar or go to the “Edit” menu > Import Font to import any Chinese fonts you would like to use.

8. Why can’t I save or print a protected PDF edited with Foxit PDF Editor?
It is because that you don’t have the permission to modify or print the PDF. To edit this file, you would need permission from the author.

9. Does Foxit PDF Editor support drag-and-drop?

10. Can I create a PDF file with Foxit PDF Editor?
Yes, you can create a PDF file by creating a blank PDF page, and then doing some editing and saving it with Foxit PDF Editor.

To create a new PDF page, please click the “New” button on the toolbar.

11.Can Foxit PDF Editor edit the annotations?
No. Foxit PDF Editor does not display or edit the annotations. To read or edit the annotations, please refer to Foxit Reader.

12. I have filled out an interactive form with Foxit Reader, but when I open the filled file with Foxit PDF Editor, all the data is gone. Why?
Because the values you entered are not the original PDF file data. Foxit PDF Editor cannot display the entries.

13. Do you have Foxit PDF Editor for other platforms besides Windows?

14. How do I set a page background color?
PDF files do not have any background color actually. However, you can do the following to create a background object:
To set a page background color, you can select "Add a Graphics Object” and draw a rectangle that is the size of the page. Set your preferred color in the "Fill Color" option on the Property List and then set this rectangle to background by right-clicking the object and selecting "Set to Background" or using the shortcut key "Alt+1".

15. How to use key file?
Please download a latest version of Foxit PDF Editor from our website, and save the key file (a temporary key or permanent key you received from Foxit) into the directory where you installed Foxit PDF Editor, by default the installation folder is C:\program files\Foxit Corporation\foxit editor. Please do not change the contents of the key file.

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Foxit PDF Creator

1. What is Foxit PDF Creator? Why can't I see it after installation?
Foxit PDF Creator is a virtual printer that is used to convert any type of printable documents to PDF files. It is a small, fast, and easy-to-use PDF creation tool.

Foxit PDF Creator is an application without User Interface(UI). It does not work like ordinary software but acts like a real printer. To convert a file to a PDF, just open it and print it with Foxit PDF Printer (Creator).

2. I got a message saying "Error tag=AddPrinterDriver(997): Overlapped I/O operation is in progress" when I tried to install Foxit PDF Creator. What's the problem?
Please start the Print Spooler service before installing Foxit PDF Creator. To start the Print Spooler service, you can go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > select and right-click "Print Spooler" > Start.

3. How do I register Foxit PDF Creator?
Please click the Start Menu > Programs > Foxit PDF Creator > Registration. In the Registration of Foxit PDF Creator dialog box, please find and select the pcrkey.txt file, and then click "Register the key". Please do not rename the key file sent from our sales team.

4. I got a message saying "Error tag = CopyFileK(5): Access is denied." when I tried to register Foxit PDF Creator. What can I do? I'm using Windows Vista.
You failed to register Foxit PDF Creator in Vista because the UAC is enabled. To solve this problem, please go to the directory where you installed the Foxit PDF Creator, right-click "registration.exe" > select "Run as administrator" > click the browse button in Registration of Foxit PDF Creator dialog box > select the pcrkey.txt file > click "Register the Key". If you are not able to register, please feel free to contact us at

5. I got a message saying "Error tag = CopyFileK(5): Access is denied." when I tried to register Foxit PDF Creator. What can I do? I'm using Windows XP.
Please copy the key file to drive:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3. If it doesn't work, please feel free to contact us at

6. I have registered Foxit PDF Creator successfully. Is it possible to get rid of the evaluation marks on PDF files I got before registration?
You can only get rid of those evaluation marks by reprinting them again. Plus, you'd better restart the programs like Word and Excel after registration.

7. I have a Word document with hyperlinks in it. Can Foxit PDF Creator convert hyperlinks?
Yes. Please note that you should use the com addin to convert the hyperlinks.

8. I want to convert a document into a PDF file with Foxit PDF Creator, but I found that the PDF file is much bigger than the original one. How can I reduce the file size?
This problem is due to the images in the original document. To reduce the file size, please do the following:

  • Before printing, go to the Foxit PDF Printer Properties dialog box > select the "General" tab > uncheck the option of "Support transparent imaging model (72-300)".
  • Send us an email at for further inquiries.

9. Why can't I uninstall Foxit PDF Creator?
It's probably because the Foxit PDF Printer driver is still running. To uninstall it, please make sure the Print Spooler service has been started, and then do the following:

  • Click Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes.
  • Choose "Foxit PDF Printer" and delete it.
  • Go to the "File" menu > Server Properties > "Drivers" tab > select the "Foxit PDF Printer Driver" entry > click the Remove button.
  • Reboot your PC.

10. How to install and register Foxit PDF Creator silently?

  • Open cmd.exe.
  • Execute: msiexec /i <FoxitPDFCreator302_enu_Setup.msi.> /qn KEYPATH=" absolute path of License key file " or msiexec /i <FoxitPDFCreator302_x64_enu_Setup.msi> /qn KEYPATH=" absolute path of License key file " if you are using 64 bit Windows Edition.
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Foxit Reader for U3

1. What is U3?
U3 LLC is based in Redwood City, Calif. Its objective is to expand USB drive technology beyond storage. Users will be able to easily carry, store and launch a wide range of new applications from their U3 device from any PC wherever they may go. For more information see

2. Is Foxit Reader for U3 free?
Foxit Reader 2.0 for U3 itself is free. And the add-ons are also free. However there is a non-free add-on called Pro Pack which unlocks functions to save annotation, save a PDF document as a text file, copy text from text viewer.

Without Pro Pack, you are still able to annotate a PDF document and print it out. However when you save the annotated document, it will be stamped with an evaluation mark on the top-right corner of the annotated pages. If you purchase a Pro Pack add-on, then there will be no evaluation mark.

Furthermore, you only need to purchase one license for Pro Pack add-on, and then the license can be used either in Foxit Reader for U3 or in Foxit Reader for Windows.

3. How to register Foxit Reader Pro Pack for U3?
Just saving the key file to the "Documents\Foxit Corporation\" is Okay. If failing to find "Foxit Corporation", run Foxit Reader program first and then the folder will be there.

4. I have purchased Foxit Reader Pro Pack. Does this key also work for U3?
They share the same key, however, the license can be used either in Foxit Reader for U3 or in Foxit Reader for Windows. Please make sure the key can't be used in both cases at the same time.

5. Where does Foxit Reader for U3 save the update file such as language package?
They are all saved in "Document->Foxit Corporation".

6. Can Foxit Reader for U3 associate with PDF files in my PC?
No, Foxit Reader for U3 can't do file association. You should use file->open to open PDF file in your PC.

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Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile

1. What is Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile?
Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile is a small and fast PDF reader application for a variety of mobile devices, including Pocket PC, Smartphone and Windows CE. It is built on Foxit Embedded PDF SDK (Foxit's new PDF rendering engine for mobile platforms), and supports Windows Mobile 2002/2003/5.0/6.0 and Windows CE 4.2/5.0/6.0. Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile makes it possible for users to view a variety of PDF documents and find texts on their small devices.

2. When I opened a PDF file with Foxit Reader for Smartphone, I found the “Reflow” option is gray. What’s wrong?
Only tagged PDF files can be reflowed in Foxit Reader for Smartphone. When you open an untagged PDF, the “Reflow” option turns gray. Tagged PDFs are PDF files that contain logical document structure and can be reflowed to fit small-screen devices.

3. I know that Foxit Reader for Smartphone provides a multi-language UI, so where can I download the multilingual UI packs?
Foxit Reader for Smartphone supports multi-language user interface. However, we only have English and Chinese language packs presently due to the limited translation resources. It would be appreciated if you can help us to localize Foxit Reader for Smartphone into your language.
To become a volunteer UI translator, please visit

4. I have a scanned PDF document which is totally blank in Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile. What can I do?
Because of the large file size, the Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile version on our website is not designed to support scanned PDFs (which include JPEG2000 or JBIG2 encoded images). However, if you have an interest in this function, you may e-mail us at so we can customize it to your needs.

5. How do OEMs get an evaluation copy of the Foxit Mobile Reader on the Android platform?
Please call Foxit at 1-866-693-6948 or send an email to

6. Can I get a consumer version of the Foxit Mobile Reader on the Android platform?
Foxit will be releasing a consumer version later this year.

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1. Why my program still says "Evaluation Only"?
This problem might be due to

  • A) Invalid key: The key you are using is not a valid one. You might not have saved your key file under the same folder properly with Foxit program. Or there are more than one user using the same key at the same time.
  • B) key expiration: The key you are using was no longer within the valid date.

For either case, you can send your key file to, our Sales team will carry out investigation and get back to you ASAP.

2. How do I install the key file?
To install Foxit key, you simply need to save the key file (such as pedkey.txt) under the same folder with Foxit program without any modification to the key file by any means(Do not enter the content of key file to Foxit PDF Editor's warning message box.). In fact, you don't need to open the key file at all. Then run Foxit program again.

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