Foxit Embedded PDF SDK

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Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Android

Standard Package

Secure and Stable

The PDF SDK gives developers access to the same industry leading PDF rendering engine that powers Foxit Reader. This engine has been hardened through usage by over 150 million Foxit Reader users and by hundreds of millions of users through our PDF SDK OEM customers.

Small Footprint

The PDF SDK is organized into modules for each specific feature (e.g. PDF viewing, annotations, reflow, etc.). Keep your application size small by selecting only the features you want.

Superior Performance

Originally designed to run on eBook devices, the Foxit PDF rendering engine is optimized to deliver superior PDF rendering speeds on devices with limited resources. The PDF engine is able to render large PDF documents in less time, which provides consumers with a better user experience. Don't just take our word for it; test it out with our free Foxit Reader.

Platform Independent

The Foxit PDF SDKs (DLL, ActiveX, and Embedded) are all developed using the same code base. The C/C++ based API was designed from the ground up to be consistent across all platforms. This eliminates the need to change Foxit application code during the porting process. Develop PDF applications once and easily port them to any platform that supports C libraries (e.g. Android is Java based but supports native development using C/C++ libraries).

Progressive Processing

Allows developers and hardware manufacturers to use idle system resources to improve the user experience while maintaining the responsiveness of the application.

PDF Reflow

Automatic rearrangement of content permits a PDF designed for a full sized piece of paper to be easily read on devices with small screens.

Out-of-Memory (OOM) Management

Applications crash when a user requested action requires more memory than the system has available. The Foxit PDF SDK gives developers a more user friendly option of reverting back to a previously rendered page. Developers can store specific information (e.g. document name, page number, zoom level, etc.) and upon detecting an OOM condition, revert back to this earlier snapshot. During this process, all temporary memory is released. The user can now request the action again with a better chance of success. Give your application the ability to gracefully recover from an OOM condition rather than crashing.

Full PDF Compatibility

The Foxit Embedded PDF SDK is fully compatible with PDF Standard 1.7. This ensures that PDF files created by any standards-compliant software can be displayed accurately.

Powerful Add-on Modules

Convenient and cost effective architecture allows developers to choose only the functionality their applications require via powerful Add-on module architecture.

PDF Forms Filling and Data Collection

The PDF Forms add-on module allows users to fill out PDF forms on mobile devices. Support for JavaScript allows developers to validate data and to submit the collected data to a back end repository.

Pressure Sensitive Digital Ink

The pressure sensitive digital ink add-on module allows users to write and draw on PDF document just as they would on paper by providing precise control to capture ink subtleties. Users can more finely control the appearance of their annotations, such as custom thickness, color, opacity, and texture (for example, a brush texture).


The security encryption/decryption add-on module provides hooks that allow developers to integrate PDF documents into their existing Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions. Developers can implement features to password protect PDF files and to enforce associated security options to determine who can perform actions such as read, modify, text copy, print, save, and more.


The annotation add-on module allows developers to save user annotations as part of the PDF as opposed to an application layer overlay. This allows the annotations to be shared and viewed on other applications (including PDF readers) and on other platforms. Annotations include file attachments, stamps, highlights, notes, lines, squares, circles, squiggle lines, underlines, strikeouts, and free text (typewriter), and inserting hyper-links.

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