Foxit PDF SDK Comparison Sheet

To help determine which Foxit PDF SDK solution is right for you. Please refer to the following table outlining the capabilities of all four products.

PDF SDK 4.1 EMB 2.1 ActiveX
Active X Pro
Render PDF to bitmap
Render PDF to Windows
Render PDF to Apple quartz context
Progressive processing
Access bookmarks
Get document level action info
Perform document JavaScript
Open password protected documents
Viewer perference
Access document level attachment
Save document level attachment to file
Get page label
Get metadata and doc properties Only doc properties
Get wrapper document
Get page index
Check transparency
Get content margin of a page
Get page boundaries(media box, crop box, etc.)
Get rotation
Perform page JavaScript
Get page action
Access low level PDF objects
Get catalog dictionary
Get encryption dictionary
Reader layer information
Reflow content to fit the device screen size
Asynchronous Processing
Check linearized
Index of first available page
Check document availability
Check page availability
Check form availability
Allow render and display of pages before the entire document data is available
Edit and Organize
Image Conversion
PDF Forms
Pressure Sensitive Ink