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Foxit PDF SDK - Overview

Industry Leading PDF Technology Powering Many of Today's Leading Applications

Industry Best PDF Technology

The industry leading Foxit PDF SDK is targeted to application developers who's applications need to leverage powerful, standard-compliant PDF technology to securely display, edit, annotate, format, organize, and search PDF documents and to fill PDF forms. The PDF SDK provides a robust set of platform independent PDF libraries, allowing developers to "develop once, port many times" to quickly and cost effectively extend the reach of their software to multiple platforms. Optimized for enterprise class, cloud based, desktop, and mobile applications, this PDF SDK provides scalable, robust, and high performance PDF technology delivering outstanding PDF rendering and document/form modification. This allows applications to deliver content consistently to everyone - regardless of the platform.

Demos and sample code are provided to help developers get up to speed quickly.

Typical Applications

Typical uses of the Foxit PDF SDK are for enterprise class applications, cloud services, desktop applications, and mobile apps that have a requirement to interact with PDF documents and forms. Many times these applications span across multiple platforms. This is where the PDF SDK excels due to its multi-platform support, enabling developers to deliver a consistent user experience to all users regardless of the platform they are using. Typical PDF SDK applications are developed in either C or C++. Typical applications that use the Foxit PDF SDK are those that require:

  • Multi-platform support, either to run on different platforms or across multiple platforms, such as a Windows or Linux server based application with an Android and iOS app acting as a front end.
  • Fast viewing of large documents over a network and viewable by any PDF application – desktop or mobile. An example would be a web application.
  • Generation of secure PDFs with encryption/decryption or integrated with a customized Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Information Rights Management (IRM) security solution.
  • Creation of PDF documents from images (like scanned documents) or to convert PDF to images.
  • Barcodes to be applied to PDF forms and documents.
  • Document management and auto-edit functions, such as text editing, printing, text manipulation, extraction, flattening, adjust page dimensions, search, and search and replace.
  • New PDF document generation by combining/arranging specific pages from existing PDF files.
  • Stamps, watermarks, and other annotations to be applied to PDF files en masse.
  • Programmatic signing documents with a handwritten PSI signature.
  • PDF files to be optimized for rendering on mobile devices.
  • Programmatic modification of metadata and properties.

The Foxit PDF SDK provides these capabilities with high performance and accuracy through a programmatic interface.

The Best PDF SDK

The Foxit PDF SDK are PDF libraries that have been used in many of today's leading applications – therefore it provides proven, robust, and battle tested PDF technology that provides the quality, performance, and feature for the industry's largest applications.

  • Provides PDF in a box - everything application developers need to display PDF and have users interact with PDF documents and forms.
  • Robust implementation – not all PDF documents are well created, through broad usage of our PDF technology it has accounted for all the edge cases to provide quality PDF rendering.
  • Allows your developers to focus on your added value and not on PDF, allowing you to provide compelling differentiation to your customers.
    - Especially valuable to those application developer teams that lack PDF expertise, this would take up too much time   and too many resources to learn and implement yourself.
  • Foxit owns all the technology, so you don't have to worry about IP infringement, lowering your risk.
  • Broad solution that supports multiple platforms. This limits the number of PDF venders you do business with by managing only one contract across multiple platforms.
  • Provide improves time to market and flexible delivery.

Multi-Platform SDK

The Foxit PDF SDK is available in the following platforms:

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