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Foxit Software Incorporated

Foxit is a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions. Businesses and consumers increase productivity by using Foxit’s cost effective solutions to securely work with PDF documents and forms. Software developers reduce costs and improve time to market with Foxit’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) to incorporate robust PDF technology into their application workflows. This technology shares the same underlying technology that powers Google’s open-source PDFium project. Winner of numerous awards, Foxit boasts over 275 million users and has sold to over 100,000 customers located in over 200 countries. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products like those from Adobe®.

Product Overview

Foxit provides the following product offerings to our customers:

PDF Reading

  • Foxit Reader - Small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to open, view, and print any PDF file. Unlike other free PDF readers, Foxit Reader also includes easy to use collaboration features like the ability to add annotations, fill out forms, and share content with social networks. It is designed to meet the PDF viewing needs of enterprise and government organizations, making it easy to deploy and manage in large enterprise environments. Foxit Reader can also be customized to specific product features and branding.
  • Foxit MobilePDF - Allows users to work on PDF documents while on the go with any Android or iPad device. Built on the same technology as Foxit Reader, MobilePDF provides a similar PDF user experience from desktop to mobile devices. More than just a PDF reader, it provides advanced display, collaboration tools, and page management capabilities.

Desktop PDF Editing, Creation, and Security

  • Foxit PhantomPDF™
    • Foxit PhantomPDF Standard - Expands upon PhantomPDF Express by allowing users to edit PDF document contents. Robust security features keep documents safe, including encryption and digital signature. The form design tools let users develop PDF forms. OCR support converts scanned or image-based content into selectable and searchable text.
    • Foxit PhantomPDF Business - Robust for the needs of businesses, it expands upon PhantomPDF Standard by providing advanced editing and security features. Policy protects PDF documents through Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Service. Permanently remove (redact) visible text and images to protect confidential information.

PDF Index and Search

  • Foxit PDF IFilter - Super-fast indexing allows users to index a large amount of PDF documents and then quickly search these documents using popular search engines. Built on Microsoft®'s IFilter indexing interface, Foxit PDF IFilter extracts data from PDF documents and returns the index results to search engine software. It indexes PDF content, titles, subjects, authors, keywords, bookmarks, attachments, create time/date, number of pages, and the names of the creating applications.

PDF Security

  • Foxit PDF Security Suite - Delivers cost effective PDF policy protection to any business running Microsoft® SharePoint® or Exchange® with Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS). For organizations that incorporate AD RMS that need to include rights management to PDF files, Foxit PDF Security Suite seamlessly extends Microsoft AD RMS to provide policy protection to PDF documents in SharePoint®, Exchange®, and/or desktop solutions. These protected PDF documents can be read by the AD RMS-aware Foxit Reader.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Foxit PDF SDKs enable developers and device manufacturers to leverage Foxit's award winning PDF technology in their applications and devices. The SDKs allow developers to incorporate powerful PDF technology to view, search, and annotate PDF. The SDKs provide these capabilities in an easy to integrate, platform independent solution that allows developers to reduce time to market by developing features once and then easily port these capabilities to other platforms.

Foxit Strengths

Customers typically choose Foxit products for their:

  • High Performance - Speeds three times faster than any other PDF software.
  • Lightweight footprint - Won't exhaust system resource and deploys quickly.
  • Great value / affordability - The right features at the right price with email and phone support.
  • Security - Safeguards confidential information.
  • Customer Support - Available when you need them to quickly satisfy customer needs.
  • Sales
  • 1-866-680-3668
  • Support & General
  • 1-866-MYFOXIT or

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